HyCap Academy is an after-school learning center providing programs in Chess, Robotics, and Programming. Our Mission at HyCap Academy is to teach high-demand skills and cultivate character to all who wish to learn and achieve. It is a community of excellent students that want to be challenged, great teachers that have a passion for teaching, and parents that deeply care for their children’s education.

At HyCap Academy, we believe that becoming highly capable is a life-long aspiration requiring focused, hard work. However, hard work does not have to be dull and tedious. Hard work can be inspiring and challenging. It can kindle life-long passions, careers, and hobbies. At HyCap, we are focused on interactive curriculum that challenges students and keeps them motivated to learn more.

At HyCap Academy, we absolutely believe that there is a social aspect of learning and achieving. Students learn best when they receive instruction and are also able to help those around them and teach the material. When they try something new, they are eager to show others – whether teachers, parents, or peers. They are energized by positive reinforcement and develop a desire to try harder. Doing online courses alone at home does not provide this very important social interaction in learning. HyCap Academy is a community where driven students can help inspire each other, and show each other what is possible.

At HyCap Academy, we encourage students to participate in tournaments and competitions. There is value in teaching students to take risks and not be afraid of failing. Trying hard things means taking risks. The best thing we can teach our students is how to handle set backs and try again. HyCap is a safe environment that encourages taking risks, experimenting, and challenging oneself. At HyCap, we believe these copings skills in taking positive risks will allow them to have more opportunities in life to do great things.

If our mission resonates with you, please sign up for a class and see if our community is a good fit for your family.

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