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​Chess ​@ [H]yCap

​Thursday Nights 4pm-5pm and 5pm-6pm

Safe Environment to play and learn chess ​

​​Develop Patience, Sportsmanship, Problem-Solving, Focus

​​Improve game with openings, tactics, end game practice

​​Find good friends with similar interests

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HyCap Academy offers a safe environment for anyone 8+ to learn and progress in chess in Federal Way.

Chess is a great game for students to learn patience, thoughtfulness, consequences, patterns, and concentration. Furthermore, it is a great way to teach good sportsmanship, winning and losing with grace, and etiquette. Through tournament play, students learn to take risks and try difficult challenges.

Every week, students come to learn a little bit more about chess, develop good character traits, and play with friends and teachers.Students strive to work through the chess advancement requirements from Pawn to King.  All students start as Pawns (think white belt), but will quickly advance to the appropriate level so that they are adequately challenged. We want students to win as many games as they lose which means they are playing at the right level to improve their game quickly.

At HyCap, students will learn the fundamentals of chess including chess etiquette and standard tournament rules. They will learn how to notate games so that they can replay and analyze good and bad moves they’ve made in their games. We will go through the principles of openings and teach several popular openings for both black and white. They will develop tactics to improve their middle game. We will practice end game positions and puzzles.

Students will be encouraged to compete in informal tournaments at HyCap as well as sign-up for regional tournaments to qualify for the annual state championship tournament.

Students learn best by playing and teaching other. At HyCap, every student is also a teacher. Students are encouraged to teach less experienced players with strategies and tactics.

Finally, chess is a great way to teach life skills such as sportsmanship, trying difficult things, and taking positive risks. At HyCap, developing character and values is a high priority as these are life skills that will be valuable to them in their career, family, and civic life.

If you’re looking for a great program for Chess in Federal Way, please review our class offerings.


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