Don Hyun grew up in Federal Way, WA and attended Lake Dolloff elementary, Kilo Jr. High, and Thomas Jefferson High School. He attended MIT in Massachusetts and graduated with a bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering where he fell in love with problem-solving and engineering. After a spectacular business failure during the dot-com era, he returned to MIT to get his MBA at the Sloan School of Management. He has worked at Microsoft, Amazon, and most recently at Affirma Consulting for the last decade as the Chief Operations Officer.

At Affirma, he saw the massive demand and shortage of technical talent that was driving the market for skilled engineers. According to, a typical software engineer with 1 year of experience makes over $100,000 in Bellevue, WA. Even more acute is the shortage of engineers with people and leadership skills. For those with both technical and leadership skills, organizations are clamoring to recruit and retain them.

Almost every company is looking for those who can solve difficult problems. But, what is sometimes overlooked is that they are also even more desperately looking for soft skills and character to fill leadership roles. The problem is that soft skills are much easier to learn at a younger age, than in your twenties or thirties after you’ve started working. So often, we see youth and adults that are inhibited not by their technical ability, but by their own attitude and habits.

After retiring from Affirma, Don founded HyCap Academy as a community of great students, passionate teachers, and caring parents. With this community, he hopes to prepare students for success in the working world and in their life by helping them develop positive character traits and by teaching them problem solving skills.