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HyCap Academy offers a safe environment for ​middle school and high school students to learn ​about robotics.

HyCap offers beginner robotics programs using Legos as well as preparing for advanced robotics competitions and exhibitions using 3D print, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.

Robotics is a multi-disciplinary endeavor and requires considerable skills in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software development. HyCap provides step by step courses that teach aspects of these disciplines that culminate into working, automated machines.


A good place to start is by taking a python course to learn how to code. Python is used on Raspberry Pi microcontrollers which are affordable and easy to use. C/C++ may be another language to study if a student wants to take on projects using the Arduino microcontroller.

Mechanical Engineering

Our courses in 3D Design and Printing show students how to design for function and for manufacturing. We use OpenScad and SketchUp to teach students how to create any tangible object they can imagine. Then, we provide resources to help them find ways to bring those ideas into the real world.

Electrical Engineering

At HyCap, students will be shown how to manipulate their own Raspberry Pi microcontroller to interact with the real world using sensors and actuators. Students learn fundamental electrical engineering principles to properly connect components to the input and output ports of the microcontroller.

Putting It All Together

Using all of these disciplines and skills, students at HyCap assemble and program their own machines.


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