STEM in Federal Way

STEM in Federal Way

HyCap Academy offers true STEM programs by passionate and qualified teachers. If you’re looking for challenging programs in STEM in Federal Way, please review the list of our course offerings. Each of the courses at HyCap teaches problem-solving skills whether through chess, coding, or robotics.


Chess is a great game for students to learn patience, thoughtfulness,
consequences, patterns, and concentration. Furthermore, it is a great
way to teach good sportsmanship, winning and losing with grace, and
etiquette. Through tournament play, students learn to take risks and
try difficult challenges.

Every week, students come to learn a little bit more about chess, develop good character traits, and play with friends and teachers. Students strive to work through the chess advancement requirements from Pawn to King.


Coding classes are available to all interested participants ages 8+. Classes include block coding, typing, and fundamentals to advanced subjects such as website building, VR, and game making.

If the student can type (at least 20 WPM), the best place to start is
Coding Fundamentals A which is an introductory Python class.

If the student can not yet type, the best place to start is the Typing and Scratch Programming class. The student will not be able to keep up with the pace of the coding classes if they do not yet have this fundamental skill.


HyCap offers beginner robotics programs using Legos as well as preparing for advanced robotics competitions and exhibitions using 3D print, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi.

Robotics is a multi-disciplinary endeavor and requires considerable skills in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and software development. HyCap provides step by step courses that teach aspects of these disciplines that culminate into working, automated machines.

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If you’re looking for programs in STEM in Federal Way, please review the courses we offer:

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