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HyCap Academy

HyCap Academy provides a caring coach that will provide a disciplined schedule of online meetings with a group of students:

HyCap Homeschool Assistant ProgramHyCap After School Program
Class MeetingsDaily (2 hours)Twice per week (1.5 hours)
1×1 MeetingsWeekly (30 mins)Weekly (30 mins)
($500 if paid monthly)
($200 if paid monthly)

In those meetings, students:

  • are assigned homework
  • are assigned best-of-breed educational content to watch
  • hold class discussions and share learnings
  • play quiz games to review materials together

HyCap Academy coaches are not teachers and they do not provide content. We use best-in-class online content, technology, and curriculum. Students can go at their own pace in math and reading – whether it is above grade level or below.

HyCap Academy coaches:

  • set up a disciplined routine
  • provide assignments
  • lead meetings
  • encourage students
  • grade homework
  • provide monthly reports and feedback to parents

Students also meet with the HyCap coach in a 1×1 setting regularly to discuss their interest, provide feedback, review their progress, and get encouragement.

HyCap Academy is not for everyone. It requires a student that can participate politely in an online meeting for 1-2 hours. It requires a student that is willing to set aside time to do the homework. It requires parents that sets expectations in the home where homework and grades are important. Students are expected to get homework help as needed from family members. In short, the HyCap community (students, coaches, and parents) is a special one, where participants place high value and priority on education.

If you’re interested, please contact us. Ask us anything. We’re happy to provide a 1 week trial to see if HyCap is right for your family.

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