Homeschool Assistant

You may be considering homeschooling this year, because you are worried that it may be a lost school year due to virus restrictions. Or, maybe you have been thinking about homeschooling for a while because you want a better education than what is available to your children where you live. For a parent who is considering homeschooling their children, it can feel very intimidating. Usually, there are 2 major concerns:

  1. Curriculum Selection – How do I know what I should teach? The number and variety of available materials can seem overwhelming.
  2. Discipline – Will I have the discipline to consistently work with my child patiently while still trying to get all of my other responsibilities done. Will my child(ren) and I work well together?

The HyCap Homeschool Assistant Program addresses these concerns. Students meet daily in an online class with other children and a live, caring adult, the HyCap Homeschool Assistant (Coach). The Coach provides daily assignments and keeps a gradebook. Most importantly, the Coach is someone that sets high expectations for each student and helps to keep them motivated. Even though there is great curriculum that is widely available, students typically do not go through it in a disciplined manner on their own. A caring adult who keeps students accountable and a cohort of motivated peers creates an environment that motivates students to learn together.

The curriculum is curated by HyCap from the best-of-breed educational material available that is tried and true by many homeschooling families as well as public and private schools.


  • Math – Khan Academy
  • Reading – readtheory, biblionasium, Khan Academy
  • Writing/Grammar –
  • Social Studies – CrashCourse, Nat Geo Kids, Smithsonian, mrnussbaum
  • Science – Minute Physics, Asap Science, Veritasium, Periodic Videos, Nat Geo

HyCap Homeschool Assistant Program:

  • Daily online class with other students (20 max) and Coach – 2 hours
  • Weekly 30 minute 1×1 time with Coach
  • Gradebook service and report
  • Daily Assignments (2-4 hours of daily homework)


  • 5th-8th grade
  • Must attend Zoom meeting daily with video on
  • Must be able to interact online courteously and pay attention
  • Each student must be on their own device with Zoom installed
  • Student must be homeschooling and following the legal requirements of the state in which they reside. The HyCap Homeschool Assistant program is only for those that are enrolled in a homeschooling program in their state. For those attending public school, please check out the HyCap After School Program.


HyCap Homeschool Assistant ProgramHyCap After School Program
Class MeetingsDaily (2 hours)Twice per week (1.5 hours)
1×1 MeetingsWeekly (30 mins)Weekly (30 mins)
($500 if paid monthly)
($200 if paid monthly)

Meeting Times

GradeClass TimeRegister
5th Grade8am-10am I'm Interested
6th Grade10am-12pm I'm Interested
7th Grade8am-10am I'm Interested
8th Grade10am-12pm I'm Interested

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